Lotte Lara Schröder
Design Work
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book design for
Rosa Sijben and Sarah Boers

In ‘A Sculpture Like You and Me’,
artist Rosa Sijben and medical ethicist Sarah Boers
investigate the ambiguous nature of objects
and the interchangeable roles of persons and things.

edition of 200
full-colour off-set
printed by Drukkerij Tienkamp

Casco Art Institute:
Working for the Commons,
exhibition phase at Casco, Utrecht, 2017.
(Photographs Niels Moolenaar)

Holders + Handouts
in collaboration with Laura Pappa

Illustrations for De Gids
2015–2018, various issues

Candy Crush en de achteruitdansers – Shira Keller
De Gids nr.5 2016

Entree – Dirk van Weelden
De Gids nr.1 2016

Een schrijver leest Gilles Deleuze – Dirk van Weelden
De Gids nr.6 2015
Lost in Translation – Merijn Oudenampsen
De Gids nr.5 2015

Tussen taal en verbeelding – Maarten Asscher
De Gids nr.2 2015

MAR – Master Artistic Research
Graduation show publications

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

edited / texts by
Maziar Afrassiabi & Jack Segbars

(An Impression of As If)

edited by Virginie Bobin
coordinated by Aimee Zito Lema

Kunstverein Toronto

Andrew James Patterson Collection/Correction
Maryse Lariviere Where Wild Flowers Grow
(all in collaboration with Laura Pappa)

Kunstspelen – book design ArtEZ press

Speculative Press

With my ongoing project Speculative Press, I try to observe and infiltrate existing publishing structures and use the systems in place to create a platform to analyse publishing as an artistic practice.

The first catalogues shows my pragmatic intentions and the second catalogue is dedicated to visualise my research and thoughts. A key interest is, with visual aid, find the boundries of publishing and its potential audiences and see how far it can extends the exhibition space.

This together with the system or space I create with Speculative Press, create autonomy that I find very necessary and stimulating in my overall practice.

SPF 2018
SPF 2017
SPF 2016
SPF 2015

The Fantasy
by Isabel Marcos
edition of 200

part of DAI/Publishing Class

various folders + flag +

Spring/Summer 2017
Fall/Winter 2016
Spring/Summer 2016
Fall/Winter 2015
Spring/Summer 2015

miscellaneous old works 2014–2010

Illustration VPRO Dorst - 2014

My World of Clubs - Rietveld 2010

Recordcover (test) - 2011

Werkplaats Typografie 2012–2014

The Secret Society
@ Bookmachine Centre Pompidou 07.03.2013

Artist Statement 2014
Publication, signed edition of 20

recordsleeve design (test) for WT Radio @ the LAABF 2013

Artist Statement 2013
3 Publications - unique editions

Graduation Show 2014 – De Ateliers Amsterdam

Het Duifje (2014)
(A meta destination for science fiction beginners)
publication, signed edition of 30 inc. dvd

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