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1–130, Nour Bishouty (2021) A Sculpture like you and me, Rosa Sijben (2017) ◐Commoning Accessibility @ Casco/Staci Bu Shea (2022)
●De Gids (ongoing–2015) ◯◌depend on me (2022)
◐Gryszko (2021) ◌◯Kunstverein Toronto (ongoing–2014) ◯Kwetsbaarheid / Fragility (2022)
◯Nabijheid / Nearness (2021) ◯◐ Nothing gentle will remain (2021) Please Listen Hurry, Amalia Pica (2018)
◯Plural 01: (2020) ◯Plural 02: (2020) ◯Plural 03 (2021) ◯Plural 04: (2021)
◌Quetzal Art Center (2018–2019) ◌SHAME! and Masculinity @ H401 (2021)' ⦵SOMM (2018) ⦵Speculative Press (2014–2016) ◌SPF '15/'16/'17/'18 ⦵Typographical Night + other events (2022–xx)
◐Valiz (2015–2017) ◐various (ongoing–2014) ◯VROP + Orientation @ Rietveld Academie (2022) ⦵WT ◐Working for the Commons @ Casco (2017) ◌Yael Davids @ Migros (2021)


Lotte Lara Schröder (Amsterdam born & based) studied at the Werkplaats Typografie (2014) and the Rietveld Academie (2011) and since worked on developing a practice hovering between art and graphic design. Her work manifests through different media – drawings, collages, often combined with sound and/or video.

The works are composed with gleaned materials from her own archive or external sources. Unified by prominent conceptual and visual motifs (for example; the volcanic landscape), the works present an idiosyncratic yet tender language. Through this language, ecological, bodily and psychological landscapes are examined, looking at their chronology and material archives and the tensions embedded within them.

Her graphic design work is characterised by a strong connection with the content often creating one-off imagery for each individual project, connecting her art and graphic design into a fluid practice.

She teaches at the Rietveld Preparatory Course and has received the Stimulerings Fonds Grant for Talent Development in 2016.

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info (at) speculativepress.info

Also visit www.termsofcircumstance.org for more (visual) work

Rosa Sijben in collaboration with Sarah Boers

In ‘A Sculpture Like You and Me’, artist Rosa Sijben and medical ethicist Sarah Boers investigate the ambiguous nature of objects and the interchangeable roles of persons and things.

edition of 200
full-colour off-set, printed by Drukkerij Tienkamp

Casco Art Institute:
Working for the Commons

exhibition phase at Casco, Utrecht, 2017.
(Photographs Niels Moolenaar)

Holders + Handouts
in collaboration with Laura Pappa

Illustrations for De Gids
various issues

depend on me

is a research program, initiated by artist Marieke Zwart, that facilitates artistic collaborations between professional and non-professional artists.

Being part of the project, making a work together with Nulu, I also had the pleasure to design the identity for the project and the publication / reader that rathered all the materials of the project so far and functioned as a companion to the show at Punt WG.

The booklaunch was held at Framer Framed

Kunstverein Toronto

Collection/Correction by Andrew James Patterson
. The book is for sale through Kvt and Mousse Publishing

Where Wild Flowers Growby Maryse Lariviere

(all design in collaboration with Laura Pappa)

a project by Staci Bu Shea @ Casco (Utrecht)

The PDF and audio versio can be found at the Casco website

The instagram image series also contained a video introduction which can be found here

Speculative Press

With the project Speculative Press, I tried to observe and infiltrate existing publishing structures and use the systems in place to create a platform to analyse 'publishing as an artistic practice'.

The first catalogues shows my pragmatic intentions and the second catalogue is dedicated to visualise my research and thoughts. A key interest is, with visual aid, find the boundries of publishing and its potential audiences and see how far it can extends the exhibition space.

This together with the system or space I create with Speculative Press, create autonomy that I find very necessary and stimulating in my overall practice.

Spring Performance Festival

design / identity for
SPF 2018, SPF 2017, SPF 2016 and SPF 2015

organised by Kunstverein Amsterdam, Gallery Janine Hofland and many more.

Marlies De Munck en Pascal Gielen

design + illustrations, paperback, 64 pp., 11,5 x 16,7 cm, English + Dutch versions available, buy at valiz.nl

various folders + flag + valiz.nl

Spring/Summer 2017
Fall/Winter 2016
Spring/Summer 2016
Fall/Winter 2015
Spring/Summer 2015


Werkplaats Typografie

Graduation Show 2014 – De Ateliers Amsterdam

The Secret Society
@ Bookmachine Centre Pompidou 07.03.2013

Het Duifje
sci-fi book about the Arnhem busline to Het Duifje.
Edition of 20 inc. video 'The Happening'

Amalia Pica

published by
Sternberg Press, IMA Brisbane, The Power Plant Toronto

edition of 750, 128 pages, 22,5 × 29 cm, handwritten labels and stick illustrations, full-colour off-set, 3 Pantone colour softcover
printed by Drukkerij Tienkamp

Quetzal Art Center

Leaflet and logo design for:
Drawing Africa on the Map
Collaborations I II III IV

both printed @ The Newspaperclub

Typographical Night @ Page Not Found

Talk at the Rietveld Library


Various visuals and website collaboration with sound artist Glenn Ryszko

School of Missing Men

Workshop (creating of the logo) and Publication design for and of the SOMM program @ ArtEZ


Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms
Katy Deepwell (ed.)

paperback, 448 pages, 17 x 23,5 cm, B/W, design and visuals (collages / drawings)

video of the book @ Escaparate by Libros Mutantes
available through Valiz.nl


SHAME! and Masculinity
Ernst van Alphen (ed.)

paperback, 208 pages, 16,7 x 23,5 cm, design and visuals (shamepoles and collages)

available through Valiz.nl

Marlies De Munck and Pascal Gielen

book design and drawings (notions of nearness), 64 pages, 11,5 x 16,7 cm, B/W, available through Valiz.nl

Nearness is also published in Portugese by Cobogo
and also published (only with use of the drawings) by Ukranian publisher _its publishing

Nothing gentle will remain
is a collaboration between Lydia Antoniou, Caterina Guadagno, Nora Kovacs, Titus Nouwens and William Rees

Publication (edition of 500, buy here) +
Website (programmed by An Endless Supply)

SHAME! and Masculinity
curated by Ernst van Alphen

visual identity for show at H401, Amsterdam
View exhibition and book launch here
also view Plural 02:


Design Struggles
Claudia Mareis and Nina Paim (eds.)

paperback, 414 pages, 16,7 x 23,5 cm, B/W, design and visuals (digital collages)

available through Valiz.nl

Yael Davids
One is Always a Plural
soloshow @ Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst

design of exhibition leaflet (DE+ENG), posters and wayfinding labels

1 – 130
Selected works Ghassan Bishouty

Nour Bishouty

designed together with Laura Pappa

Plural 04:

New Outlooks on Contemporary Art from Global Perspectives

available through valiz.nl

Digital folder for the Orientation & Pre-course at the Rietveld Academie

view here

also view – www.termsofcircumstance.org

@speculativepress @termsofcircumstance.org

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